About Us

Event Grass developed through a demand in the event hire industry for large quantities of synthetic grass for hire. For years, there was a large amount of companies that facilitated the sale and permanent installation of the synthetic grass but few, if any, that offered the hiring option whilst maintaining that landscape grade quality.

Being a subsidiary of Open Air Events, we have been able to leverage years of industry experience which has helped us provide significant quantities of synthetic grass to major events within Melbourne including but not limited to the Davis Cup, the Australian Open, the AFL Grand Final and the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

We Look After Our Customers

In recent years, our clients have battled with limited portable flooring options, thus there has been an increasing trend of clients pursuing a more aesthetically pleasing synthetic grass option. With arguably the most synthetic grass available for hire in the country (+5,000 sqm), Event Grass is able to cater for almost any event application whether it be big or small.

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